Ring Stretcher Enlarger Sizer Ring Mandrel Expander Jewelry Making Tools EUR US JAPAN HK SIZE 4 Measuring Range


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Technique Parameters:
  • U.S Size:NO.1 to 14(US)
  • Japan Size:NO.1 to 32(No)
  • Hongkong Size:NO.8 to 32(No)
  • European Size:NO.41 to 74(U - Circumference)
Package Included:
  • 1 x Hercules Ring Stretcher
  • Operation Manual:
  • (1)Measurement Pole:16.5cm long with four types of international standard to support different type of measurement.
  • (2)Detachable T-shape Rotary Handle:
  • a)First, rotary the handle in anti-clockwose direction until it gets stick.
  • b)Hold the ring stretcher in upward direction, then horizontally insert the ring into the Measurement Pole.
  • c)Rotate the handle in clockwise direction, at this moment, the Measurement Pole would expand and stretch the ring. When the ring reaches the suitable size, rotae the handle back to anti-clockwise direction until it gets stick again, this time the Measurement Pole would contract, so the ring would fall down slowly. Finally take out the ring.
  • d) If one stretching procedure do not enough to reach the required size, the user can peoceed a secong stretch without taking out the ring. However the user must consider if the ring material can support the second stretch.?
  • (3)End-Point-Indicator:When the T-shape Handle roates clockwise to it's end-point, a black indicator can be seen on the top pf the Measurement Pole.
  • (4)Detachable handle:It can be detached by rotating anti-clockwise direction besides detached it can save storage space.
  • Transform Set:(Sold Separtely):To further enhance the stretching power of the portable ting stretcher, simply attach the exclusive base plus 3 Handle to transform it to Desk Top Ring Stretcher.
Suitable Ring:
  • Foe silver, All kinds of Golden Ring, Platinum and Platinum K.
  • (Remark: Tp achieve best result for hard metal such as Platinum and Platinum K, it would be better to stretch once otherwise, it needs to be increase the toughness of metal)
Caution(Must Read Carefully):
  • 1)Test Several Times with silver ring by rotating slowly the rotary handle to keep track of the skill.
  • 2)Ring set with many gems is not suitable for this device.
  • 3)When Measurement Pole is expanded, the marks on the pole reach the standard.
  • 4)When rotating the Rotary Handle, do not rotate any further once it gets stick, otherwise it will damage the tool.
  • 5)Usually for one stretching procedures, the ring would widen by ine U standard size.

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