Melting furnace, with 2kg crucible Used in the laboratory to cast gold, silver and copper jewelry tool


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Package Included:

  • 1 x Electric Melting Furnaces
  • 1 x Graphite Crucible
  • 1 x Instruction manual
  • 1 x Plier
  • 1 x Power Cable

Simple operation process, non-stick metal, energy saving

  • PID temperature control table:
  • K-type portable stove thermocouple has a large measuring range, high precision and fast thermal response

High purity graphite crucible:

  • High temperature resistance, strong thermal conductivity, good corrosion resistance and long service life.
  • Graphite crucible, also known as molten copper ladle, molten copper, etc., refers to a type of crucible made by firing graphite, clay, silica and wax as raw materials.
  • Graphite crucibles are mainly used to smelt copper, brass, gold, silver, zinc and lead and other non-ferrous metals and their alloys.

Crucible tongs:

  • High temperature resistant, labor-saving and easy to clamp


    • Product name: Gold,Silver And Copper melting furnace
    • Product voltage: 220V European standard plug 110V American standard plug
    • Product power: 1400W
    • Maximum temperature: 1150oC
    • Melting time:30-60 minutes
    • Product size: 35*26*38CM
    • Carton size: 44*31*33CM
    • Package weight: 9KG
    • Product capacity: 2KG


    • 1.Connect to the power supply
    • 2.Turn on the O/N power switch
    • 3.Set the temperature (melting point temperature) in the normal display state of SV/PV, press the "set" key to make the SV display in a flashing state, and each digit can be set.
    • Note: This machine has a display recovery function. When the operator forgets to return to the main display mode after performing parameter setting modifications and other operations, the meter will automatically return to the main display mode after 30 seconds, and the changed parameters will not be saved.
    • 4.When the furnace is heating up, "OUT" will light up until the actual temperature reaches the set value.
    • 5.When the temperature reaches the set value, the furnace will stop heating, the "OUT" light will start to flash, and the temperature will continue at this point.
    • 6.Pour the smelted metal into the mold, and then put the crucible back into the furnace.
    • 7.If the entire smelting process has been completed, please turn off the power.


    • 1 .Please do not open the instrument when it is wet. If the product is damp, please dry it in the sun and put the instrument in a safe place to avoid damage to the device and others.
    • 2.When the instrument has been working continuously for more than 3 hours, wait until the machine has cooled down before working. Do not place the machine near any heat-generating products.
    • 3.Before cleaning, please disconnect the power supply and wipe the parts that need to be cleaned with a soft damp cloth. Do not wipe with a damp cloth. Any liquid is forbidden to enter the machine.
    • 4.If the metal to be smelted contains acids, alkalis and other substances, these substances will produce chemical reactions at high temperatures and even corrode heating elements. In this case, we recommend opening the furnace lid during the smelting process.
    • 5 .Regularly check the damage of the crucible to avoid damage to the furnace wire.
    • 6.The temperature that the furnace can reach is 1150°C, and it is forbidden to smelt beyond this temperature
    • 7.Graphite crucible is mainly suitable for smelting precious metals such as gold, silver and copper.
    • 8.In order to achieve the desired effect, please do not fill the crucible. When there is too much metal in the crucible, the furnace will not be able to provide all the heat required for metal smelting. In addition, steam will be generated during the metal smelting process, and too much metal in the crucible will increase the pressure and even cause harm to the user. In this case, please open the top of the furnace.
    • 9.If you need to smelt other metals, please find a suitable crucible. Please remember. Metal smelting will produce steam, always remind yourself to check the working condition and compatibility of the furnace.


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