Wholesale/Affiliate Program


Under the main trend of cost-effectiveness,our store has launched a wholesale plan.Customers who need to shop a large number of goods,such as 20, 50, 100, etc., can contact us (chat window or Phyhoo@Outlook.comfor preferential policies.The more you buy, the more discounts you will get.

Affiliate Program

Phyhoo Affiliate Program is launched to involve more lovers to share this passion and new idea to more people, and also make more money, what a win-win program!

We are offering tiered commission rates at 14%, 12%, 10%. Non-expiring exclusive coupons/deals, stunning banners, popular deals & text links, latest data feedback, etc, are regularly provided and updated, aiming to assist our affiliates promote better and make more!

Why Choose Phyhoo?

Commission/Conversion Rate

  1. 14% tiered commission rates for confirmed sales;
  2. High conversion rate due to unique designs and new style shopping;
  3. Free shipping and fast delivery.

Creatives Support

  1. Regularly provided and updated coupons/deals, stunning banners, popular deals & text links.
  2. Weekly newsletters for upcoming big discounts and promotions.