Automatic CNC Touch Pulse Argon Arc Jewelry Spot Welding Machine

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Automatic CNC touch pulse argon arc jewelry spot welding machine is suitable for hardware workpieces, jewelry making, dental welding, mold repair, pure gold welding, cobalt-chromium alloy welding, pure titanium welding, and orthodontics.

This spot welder is a pulse-dense arc welding machine, the equipment cost and operating cost are lower than the laser welding machine and have the function of a laser welding machine.

The argon arc spot welding machine includes five preset basic procedures for gold (Au), cobalt-chromium (co-cr), hybrid welding (such as precious and non-precious), titanium (Ti), and orthodontics. The system is stable, easy to operate, low noise, and easy to maintain. It requires minimal working space, and adjustable power and pulse settings allow adjustment of penetration depth and solder joint diameter. If there is no operation within 5 minutes, the machine will switch to orthogonal mode to prevent any damage to the workpiece. Very suitable for jewelry and dental welding.

TIP: Better welding results can be obtained by connecting argon gas through a pressure gauge. Welding is possible without argon gas.

    Technical data

    Power supply: 220V/110V 50/60Hz
    Power consumption: 100W
    Protection level: IP21
    Air supply pressure: above 0.1Mpa
    Welding voltage: 40V
    Welding current:50A-150A 
    Welding time: 3ms--30ms
    Maximum welding thickness: 5mm
    Maximum value. Welding frequency: 1Hz
    Maximum value. Argon consumption: 5L/min
    Fuse: 250V/2.0A
    Package weight: 8.0 kg 
    Packing size: 42cm x 30cm x 26cm

     Package standard

    1* Automatic CNC Jewelry spot welder
    1* Pedestal + Handle
    1* Welding Loop Clamp
    1* Spot welding brush grinder
    1* Pressure gauge
    1* Trachea 2m
    1* Tungsten needle


    To avoid electric shock, fire and dangerous accidents when using electrical equipment, please pay attention to the following basic safety measures.
    1. Please read this manual and precautions before using the instrument. Keep this manual near the instrument for easy viewing.
    2. Keep electronic equipment away from children. It is absolutely forbidden for children to play with electrical equipment, spare parts and other cables.
    3. Maintain good ventilation and lighting when the equipment is running, and do not work in a humid and dusty environment to avoid accidents due to abnormal environments.
    4. Do not let any liquid enter the instrument.
    5. A strong arc will be generated during operation, and irrelevant personnel should stay away from the work site to avoid eye injury.
    6. Do not use cables to drag the equipment. The cable should be kept away from heat, oil and other sharp objects to avoid damage to the cable.
    7. The power supply must be completely cut off before cleaning the equipment and unpacking.
    8. The structure of this machine is compact and reasonable. Doesn't it need to be special? And tedious maintenance. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the instrument, especially the microscope. Dirty accessories will seriously affect the observation of objects.
    9. Cover the dust cover when the instrument is not working.
    10. For your safety, please use the correct accessories.
    Note: This machine does not have a microscope, and it can work without a microscope.

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    Automatic CNC Touch Pulse Argon Arc Jewelry Spot Welding Machine

    $259.99 $329.99