PHYHOO APS-1502 220V/110V Electro plating machine

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Technical Parameters

Maximum adjustable voltage: 20V
Maximum adjustable current: 2.0A
The machine is used voltage: 220V

Platinum plating method

Positive (+): Titanium mesh negative (-): Jewelry
Temperature: 30-40.C
Gold plating time: 90-120 seconds
Note: Electroplating items need to be shaken at the beginning

Gold plating method 14K.18K.24K

Positive (+): Titanium mesh negative (-): Jewelry
Temperature: 70.C-80.C
Gold plating time: 20-50 seconds of electroplating items need to be shaken, from 1 to 4 pieces of the ring.
Accessories required for electroplating: beaker, titanium mesh, gold plating machine,
water line, electric furnace, thermometer

Silver plating method

Positive electrode: Titanium mesh Negative electrode: Clip jewelry, cleaned according to
the electrolytic cleaning salt program, 3 channels after electrolysis
Beaker cleaning, 2.5 g silver salt 54% 500 cc distilled water.
Temperature: 40.c Voltage: 5V Plating time: 3-5 seconds.
Note: All silver salts, electrolytic cleaning salts, and over-beaker cleaning must use
pure distilled water.

Additional information

1. Polish the light with a cloth wheel and a sander.
2. Then use ultrasonic cleaning machine to add wax water (heating) to clean
3. Polish with a polishing machine
4. Clean with a steam cleaner
5. Finally completed by electrolysis and electroplating procedures


Packaging Information

15V2A plating machine * 1
Titanium mesh * 1
Waterline * 1
Alligator clip * 2

Note: This order does not include a beaker



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PHYHOO APS-1502 220V/110V Electro plating machine

Regular price $89.99