Diamond Grinding Oil-Soluble Paste Jade Mirror Polishing

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Brand Name:PHYHOO
Item Weight: 0.011Kg
Jewelry Tools & Equipments Type: Silver Polish Cloth
Item Type: Jewelry Tools & Equipments

Net weight 5 grams, even about 10 grams of syringe

Nature: oil soluble

Optional granularity

W40 (320 Grit) rough grinding and polishing
W28 (400 Grit) ordinary polishing
W20 (600 Grit) ordinary polishing
W14 (800 Grit) ordinary polishing
W10 (1000 Grit) ordinary polishing
W7 (1500 Grit) fine polishing
W5 (2000 Grit) Fine polishing
W3.5 (3000Grit) fine polishing
W2.5 (4000 Grit) fine polishing
W1.5 (6000 Grit) mirror polishing
W1 (8000 Grit) mirror polishing
W0.5 (10000 Grit) mirror polishing

Among them, W0.5 is fine and W40 is thick. It can be used for grinding, fine grinding, polishing and fine polishing from coarse to fine. It can throw mirror effect! Grinding paste, also known as diamond abrasive paste, is finely prepared from diamond micropowder and other raw materials. It is an ideal abrasive paste for grinding and polishing. It has good lubrication and cooling properties, among which diamond particles have high hardness and particle size. Uniform, good grinding effect, suitable for the processing of measuring tools, cutting tools, optical instruments and other high-gloss workpieces made of high-hardness materials such as glass, ceramics, hard alloys, natural diamonds and precious stones. It is highly efficient, convenient and pollution-free.



It is also possible to use a cloth to rub hard by hand, but the effect is not good.


Use with wool or wool wheel, dilute with oil before use (pure oil salad oil, peanut oil, olive oil, walnut oil, etc., oil: paste = 1:1), applied to the workpiece to be polished Or apply it on the wool wheel, and use the machine to rotate and polish the part that needs to be polished.

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    Diamond Grinding Oil-Soluble Paste Jade Mirror Polishing

    Preço normal $0.00 $9.99