80A Adjustable Pulse Jewelry Spot Welding Machine

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【Advantage and Features】Welding can change the output pulse current according to the size of the workpiece, the size of the solder joints, and the process requirements
【Wide Applications】
It can weld gold, silver, platinum, palladium, stainless steel, titanium, all of which are weak arc welding metals can be welded.Skilled can also weld small parts inside dental steel wire thermocouple clock, etc


Voltage: 110V/220V
Power: 400W
Welding range: 0.5-1.5mm
Current: 0.6-80A
Package size: 350X280X155mm

Package list

1*Full set of Spot Welder

Using Instructions

Welding machine can be used for fast lap welded platinum, gold, K gold, silver and steel for I circle, oval buckle, fine welding wire confidential. Argon can be accessed directly without soldering solder powder, solder joints are smooth, not black.

Installation and commissioning

A. Negative electrode connected to the output folder, output connected to the positive electrode holder.
B. argon by reducing valve, connected to its output ago
C. can be sharpened tungsten needles in the sand turbines, use of sophisticated power management workplace.
At the entrance, the argon valve is transferred to the gas ( argon gas protection models)
D. When installing welding tungsten needle protruding head around 5MM, 0.1mm diameter tungsten needle


Power on, turn on the power switch. Knob to adjust the power, the general ( coarse ) adjustment scale of 1 to 1.5 ( fine-tuning )to adjust the scale value 7-8 ( can be adjusted according to job requirements scale value ) . Sandwiched tweezers workpiece interface aligned tungsten needle ( best distance is 0.5mm), the workpiece can not touch the tungsten needle. With the foot about a foot switch ( feet away ), spot welding is completed.


Not long stepping foot pedal switch, step on right away, if prolonged stepping on the foot switch, the machine is short-circuited, it will burn out the internal circuitry. This machine is a precision device, please use care . Flash on the eye injury, and do protective measures used. Depress the foot switch, the hands do not touch the metal part while the tungsten needle and tweezers, whether there were tingling. Non-professionals, do not overhaul, there are high-pressure.

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80A Adjustable Pulse Jewelry Spot Welding Machine

Regular price $179.99 $199.99