Foredom SR Flexible Shaft Machines

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A great machine for drilling, polishing, burring, milling, slotting, and sawing, and also great for wood and bone carving.

A flexible shaft is a device for transmitting rotary motion between two objects which are not fixed relative to one another. It consists of a rotating wire rope or coil which is flexible but has some torsional stiffness. It may or may not have a covering, which also bends but does not rotate. It may transmit considerable power, or only motion, with negligible power.
Flexible shafts are commonly used in plumber snakes. They are popular accessories for handheld rotary tools, and integral parts of rotary tools with a remote motor, which are called "flexible shaft tools". They are used to transmit power to some sheep shears. They are also sold to connect panel knobs to remote potentiometers or other variable electronic components. Flexible shaft tools are used frequently in the dental and jewelry industry, as well as in other industrial applications.

Accurate Hand Piece: Adopting the precise three-jaw chuck with stable and reliable features, it has a long service life and a wider clamping range. High-precision aluminum alloy is not easy to rust and comfortable to hold.

Convenient Pedal: The foot pedal, made of engineering plastics, is durable and is not easy to generate heat. The large pedal design makes it easier to handle. It can realize stepless speed change, making the work faster and more convenient.

Full-Copper Motor: Pure copper motor has excellent electrical conductivity, low loss, high efficiency & low temperature, which can effectively improve the motor's working efficiency and make the flex shaft run more smoothly.

Technical Parameter:
Product: SR hanging flex shaft mill,
Type: Electric,
Power: 230W,
Clamping Range: 0-5 mm (0-0.2 inch),
Speed: 0~18000 rpm,
Suitable For: Carving, polishing, grinding.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Hanging mill
  • 1 x Foot pedal
  • 1 x Chuck Key
  • 1 x Handpiece
  • 1 x Flexible Shaft
  • 1 x Instruction manual 


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Foredom SR Flexible Shaft Machines

Regular price $159.99